Welcome to the Planar Renovation Project. This project was launched by kaitoukage (also known as Center of All at the Planewalker boards) to flesh out and expand the Great Wheel’s underdeveloped planes.

Many planes on the Great Wheel have potential but fall short of being truly interesting as individual entities. The original Planescape writers did an excellent job of providing us with a framework, but did not fill that framework very well. The Planar Renovation Project seeks to rectify this issue.

The project is called “renovation” because it’s not a complete and utter redesign of the Planescape cosmology. Essentially we aim to change the counters, put new carpet and tiling and maybe repaint the walls of each plane. We want to make the planes recognizable but enrich them so they are more appealing and better suited for adventures in their own right.

To actively follow the discussion and development, head over to Planewalker’s forums. We’ll be discussing all the planes in their respective turns.

Planar Renovation Project