Realm/Site/Burg Template

This page contains the guidelines for writing section entries as well as templates to be used for creating new entries.


  1. Write all entries “in character.” Most Planescape books were written from the perspective of a character. Feel free to skew, spin, Cant and do whatever you need to make your entry more like a personal journal entry than a textbook description. Build whatever character you like and feel free to use the same character across multiple entries.
  2. Be concise. Try and edit your entries down to 2-3 pages, max, and keep under that if possible.
  3. Be clear about how the site fits in the plane. While the planes have tons and tons of mysteries, few darks actually stand out from a plane in a way that makes someone go “huh?” A good location should feel like it belongs, whether or not people understand why it’s there.
  4. Follow the templates! This makes it easy for anyone to find whatever information they’re looking for.


Copy and paste the template below. Required fields are marked with a carat (). Most of this is ripped right from the planar books.

Character: A few sentences to give an overview and flavor about the location.

Ruler/Power:^ 1-3 paragraphs about the people in charge, how they rule, and how they got there. This should apply to the entity that appears to be in charge whether he is or not (see below). If the ruler is a power, limit your writing to 1 paragraph. Details on powers are covered in separate entries.

Behind the Throne: 1 paragraph about the real power, if applicable.

Description:^ Describe your location in 4-5 paragraphs. Mostly physical information, but give a little bit about cultural matters.

Principal Towns:^ (Required for realms)

Special Conditions:^ (Required for powers’ realms) If the section of the plane exhibits conditions different from the plane in general, spend 1-2 paragraphs discussing the realm’s idiosyncracies. Virtually all realms commanded by powers have special conditions relevant to the power.

Principal NPCs: Other significant people, where applicable. Limit to one paragraph per person. For power realms, this includes the proxies.

Militia: (Required for towns) 1 paragraph about the forces that protect the town.

Services:^ 1-2 paragraphs about reasons why planewalkers would want to visit this site. Or not visit it.

Local News:^ The latest chant on the site, possibly an adventure hook or two.

Realm/Site/Burg Template

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